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SZOVATERM Engineering Consultants Ltd., established in 1991, is a family-owned, solely Hungarian engineering studio.

SZOVATERM has laid down the foundations of the design, manufacturing and installation of the preassembled, modular and compact (SZOVATERM COMPACT) heating centre technique for the Hungarian heating and district heating technology and industrial heat energetics, thus it has revolutionized the traditional pipe-assembly practice always carried out on the spot. All our different heating centre types have countless advantageous characteristics in terms of energetics and application techniques comparing to the traditional assembly technologies applied in heating technology still today. These characteristics are the following:

  • each model of the heating centre family is preassembled
  • aesthetic design fitting in your architectural environment
  • due to its small size (2-3 m2) it is appropriate to free up precious spaces serving as heating centre earlier
  • no need for heating centre planning
  • fast and cheap installation – just a few hours of operational standstill even in heating period
  • needs no operation, it can be connected into building control systems
  • each component of the heat supply block is sized from both heat technique and hydraulic point of view
  • the blocks are of high energetics efficiency, i.e. they are of energy-saving operation

SZOVATERM COMPACT heating blocks are appropriate for:

  • family houses
  • residential buildings
  • office buildings
  • schools and nursery schools
  • public institutions
  • industrial establishments

and for the regulation and measuring of producing heating and domestic hot water of any other establishment connected in district heating.

We adjust the design of the heating blocks according to our client’s special requirements to reach the best heat capacity and provide the best technical solution.

Long-term tendencies of national and international changes in the field of heat energetics show that rational and optimal utilization of energy is our everyday responsibility. For this reason, we are fully committed to provide reliable solutions for our customers at any time.
The main units of our heating centre blocks, such as

  • heat exchangers
  • control circuit elements
  • pumps
  • heat meters
  • electrical control

are of modernest technique available today for long-term guaranteed quality and energy-saving services.

High quality and continuous development has ever been the consistent business philosophy of our company.

We launched the manufacturing of gasketed plate heat exchangers, an essential equipment in heat technique, in 2002, which further widened our product range.
At the same time, we started distributing all types of brazed heat exchangers, mainly from our warehouse.
Thanks to the innovative approach, SZOVATERM Engineering Consultants Ltd. is absolutely determining in 80% of the Hungarian heating centre market today, which is also demonstrated by the fact that from 1991 until today

1.703 heat supply blocks of 1.005 MW heat capacity in total

were manufactured and installed.

We believe that practice has already justified the rightness of our professional and market ambitions, and our participation on different professional exhibitions give evidence of a growing interest in today’s world of constantly rising energy prices.


SZOVATERM Engineering Consultants Ltd.


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Managing Director

Miklós H. Szováti 
graduate mechanical engineer
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Production Manager

Albert Csapó 
graduate mechanical engineer
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Head of Secretary

Annamária Marczali 
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