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Heating centres

We mainly build plate heat exchangers into our heating centres in order to divide the primary and the secondary side, to transmit heat and to warm up domestic hot water.

We have gained significant experience in the past decades in assembly and application technique of plate heat exchangers, control circuit elements and fittings. 

We employ the following main equipments to plan and build our heat supply blocks:

  • gasketed plate heat exchanger maid from GEA plates and SZOVATERM frames
  • GEA brazed plate heat exchanger
  • products of Europe’s leading valve producers (IWKA, SAMSON) in the control circuits
  • wide range of quality circulating pumps (WILO, GRUNDFOS) for the operation of secondary hydraulics
  • ultrasonic flow gauge authorised by the National Office of Measures (OMH), with integrator and Liquid Crystal Display to measure and account for the heat energy used
  • ready-assembled electrical box with the modernest electronic and electric protection fittings
  • reliable operation of the equipment is secured and controlled by a freely programmable industrial PC /DDC/
  • our heat supply blocks are built in a self-supporting frame produced and sized by our company, and is mechanically and electrically in a completely ready-assembled and tested state


We offer the following types of heating centres varying in application and capacity:

For the maintenance of our heat exchangers we ensure spare parts within short term, even directly from our stockroom, and we provide professional service in our workshop or on the installation site.

SZOVATERM COMPACT Heating Centre - Hungarian Quality Product Award



Documents to download:

SZOVATERM COMPACT heating centres

Range of SZOVATERM COMPACT heating centre types

Installation guide of SZOVATERM COMPACT heating centres

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